About me

Hi! I’m Laura Lilienthal.

I’m a seasoned international marketer with 20+ years’ experience,  now working as an independent marketing consultant on an interim, contract or project basis.

I first cut my marketing teeth on a B2B HR startup in Auckland, New Zealand. Since then I’ve been fortunate to have carved out a global career in marketing that has continued to push boundaries and focus on innovation that drives material results.

I’m experienced in both creating marketing strategies, and delivering the plans and programs that underpin them. I’m a big advocate of taking an integrated approach, seeking ways for programs to echo and amplify each other to maximise results.  Like many successful marketers, I value understanding the businesses and products I work with. I also like numbers – numbers in the data that helps me to make strong decisions, and numbers that show results and how they positively impact  commercial success!

Having had the privilege of working with growth companies, I’m a fan of building a light, scalable foundation – then embracing agility, innovation and an MVP approach to drive growth. I love positively disrupting established markets, or helping companies create entirely new ones.

I’m reasonably nerdy as marketers go, having primarily focused on B2B tech companies. This means I have opinions on – and experience with! – technologies like SaaS, GIS and IoT – and I love learning about emerging technologies.

(Want the full spiel on my career? Here’s my LinkedIn profile.)

When I’m not working, I love to travel to visit family, or to discover new-to-me places in Europe. When I’m at home in east London, you’ll find me drinking antipodean-style coffee and cocktails, eating street food and teasing the hipsters. Like any self-respecting English grad, I’m still trying to write down the novel that I’ve already written in my head – but it’s not quite up to Tolkein standards yet!

You can see more of what I get up to on my Instagram profile.

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